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Hello all,

I’m wanting to install a lift kit on my 2019.
As I’m sure you are all well aware, there are many companies selling kits for our rides (a little less for 18’-19’)

I’m considering this kit from readylift mostly due to its much cheaper cost although I’m will to pay for a more expensive kit to do it “right”.

2” front 1.5 rear

I see that it does not come with the subframe spacers as many other kits have.
I saw a response regarding this on a YouTube video from the company saying they aren’t necessarily for a 1.5” rear lift especially on the 18’-19’.
What are your opinions on this? Are they not necessary?? Anyone have any experience with this kit or company? If this is not the right direction then what is the general consensus here on the best kit to run?

Thank you in advance for an insights or advice and I apologize if this is a topic that’s been beaten to death or something. Will keep searching for answers as well...


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I personally think its a bit strange to lift the front up more than the rear. Especially since the rear typically gets loaded with more gear and you get the "saggy butt" from the weight.

All the big named kits (ADF, OZ, LP, etc) I THINK are all 1.5 inch max for the 2018+. The previous gen had 2" options.

Also, from what I remember reading/hearing, no rear sub frame spacers are needed if only going 1". After 1" it is recommended to use the rear sub spacers.

I personally have been running the ADF kit for a bit over 20,000 miles on my 18. Zero issues.

There was another lift thread made just recently here as well:

Bit of info there as well.
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