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My wife has a 2020 Crosstrek Plug in hybrid. The battery (12 volt) has died twice. First time we were able to jump and recharge via a long drive. Second time not so much and dealer replaced under warranty.

Background Info-
She has a 2015 Crosstrek Hybrid that she sold prior to getting this one. She kept the winter wheel/tire set up from that one. The are 17 inch Subaru Rims that she bought as an add on with her old car. The new 2020 has 18 inch rims and a different frequency TPMS sensor. We upgraded the TPMS sensors in the old rims this winter and all seemed fine.

Dealer tech said that those rims are not compatible with her current car. That they don’t “communicate” with the car and might be the reason it isn’t holding a charge and the battery died.

Question / Input Request
Anyone else ever hear this line? I personally feel like if the rims fit (bolt pattern and offset, clear the brakes) and the TPMS sensors are updated - what’s the issue? They are OEM rims. I can’t imagine that Subaru would build something into their cars that would preclude using different rims. Doesn’t make sense. My wife thinks I’m wrong and she needs new rims.

Help me out. Thoughts one way or the other with backup info would be much appreciated.

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