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After market LED tail lights help

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Ok so I just added new after market LED tail lights to my 15 crosstrek and some weird stuff started happening. My eye assist would shut itself off intermittent. Turns out its a -2 voltage difference from the original bulbs (6). The LED assemble is a full part with the brake lights being LED and using the original lightbulbs from the stock lights. So the eye assist thinks there is no brake lights because of low voltage. Any one else run across this? Or any suggestion on what to do to gain the volts?
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Unfortunately, with modern cars and Canbus, you basically need exacting factory specification parts for all features to work. One person installed LED brake light bulbs on their vehicle w/ Eyesight and the vehicle would NOT move at all. Replacing the brake light bulbs with factory-spec bulbs fixed the issue.

I'm not saying there isn't an aftermarket solution, but rather that it is somewhat-uncharted territory (as far as I'm aware) when it comes to using LED bulbs on the brake lamps for Eyesight-equipped Subaru vehicles.
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