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Hey y'all!

A couple of weeks ago our youngest totaled my daily driver ('17 Hyundai Elantra). She survived the accident (and me), but the car? Yeah, not so much.

We replaced it with a 2019 Crosstrek in Venetian Red Pearl. Not even through the break-in period and man, do I love drivin' this thing! I do about 100 miles a day and I've just gotta say, no regrets!

Not sure if I'll be doing any mods for now (we also have a wedding to pay for), but oh, I want to, for sure. Thinking I'd like to see about a 2" lift and oversized tires, but don't want to do too much beyond that.

Offroad for us is more beach than trails, primarily Assateague National Seashore, and we should be able to air down and get the new ride out there as she rides right now. We've done some trails with the Jeep, but they tend to rattle my wife around a bit too much for her to fully enjoy. Beach it is.

Still, looking forward to learning and tweaking and maybe lifting it a little!


Cheers from Maryland's Eastern Shore!
Andy Suplee
'19 Crosstrek Premium (Venetian Red Pearl) stock
'14 Jeep Wrangler (White) 2" lift 33" tires, and loves to be "naked"
'96 Ford Exploder (Blue/rust) Stock, keep putting the paddles to it. CLEAR!
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