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Anyone know what options if any will exist for '24 base to have cross bars?

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I own a '14 Impreza sedan premium 4 dr and was told by the dealer there is no mounting points to add roof rails to my vehicle. I been holding off to get a 24 base Crosstrek and now they are not offering roof rails as well on the base. But no-one has been able to tell me if there is still mounting points to accept aftermarket or are they completely eliminated from the vehicle as they did in the '14 Impreza sedan? I just want to be able to put a cargo basket up for several trips over the lifetime of the vehicle to put duffle bags up and leave space in the car for other stuff. Does someone make a "smaller" basket that you could run straps through the back door only and fit 3 bags in with a netting over that doesn't require roof rails? Trying to weigh my options...
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My neighbor just bought one for his daughter and I took a look at it. It appears there are mounting points for rails. If you look at one, you'll see the tabs (paint color matched covers which I presume pop off to install the rail base.)
He inquired at the dealer about adding rails, and was told they will become available, but currently they have none and no estimated arrival time.
It seems logical that the mounting points would appear on all of the '24 Crosstreks at manufacture, so the dealer's comment about eventual availability seems plausible.
That's all I've got...
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