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New to the Subaru family...taking delivery of a 2014 Crosstrek in a week (wife's new ride) We have owned Toyota trucks from day one. Anyway, I am going to install a Rally Innovations light bar with 2 sets of Hella driving/spots. I am blown away after calling several Subaru parts departments looking for a factory switch for the dash ( I have dummy plates available for switches) ......and am told there is no such animal for the XV! Are you kidding me? I am told the space is for a VDC switch.
Who doesn't make a factory " aux" switch for a crossover vehicle?
Sorry for the rant. My question: anyone found a work around for this ( besides trying to mount the Hella switch somewhere)
I see on the forum folks have added all sorts of " non-factory" lights, but they never show the "switch" install.
Thanx and looking forward to kitting out my wife's XV for the mountains.
P.S. I am impressed at the mods y'all are doing to these me hope with having an XV sitting beside 2 Tacomas and a Landcruiser in the driveway.
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