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Battery Voltages?

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hi, I have a 2015 Crosstrek Hybrid with about 75000 miles - and it did the 'hybrid system' hiccup the other day. By searching this forum and YouTube, seems like the start/stop battery might be failing (looks to be the original).

I checked the battery voltages while it was running - and they were quite high - >19 volts; After sitting for 2 days, the start/stop battery is at 17 volts and the 'regular' car battery is at 16.5 volts. Are these normal readings?
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The engine startup battery should be in the 12-13 volt range. If it is the original and 8 years old, you have made the service life and then some. It may be getting some feedback out of the hybrid battery. Not certain how they are connected and interact.
Load test it and see. Most parts stores can do it for you.
The resolution was a new start-stop battery. I did what you suggested, and under load, it failed. I replaced both the under hood batteries at the same time - the 'regular' battery was a few years old, and the start-stop battery was original (2015). $229 for an AGM start-stop; $179 for their best 'regular' battery. The start-stop feature has reappeared and gas mileage has gone up.
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