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Good day everyone,

I had a question regarding my 2017 Subaru Crosstrek.

Let me preface by saying my Subaru Crosstrek is performing just fine. I think its brakes are probably fine, too.

But this point of curiosity has always crossed my mind:

I've noticed after literally every scheduled maintenance, and even after unexpected maintenance (like today), the brakes are always harder - they feel harder to press down, and I don't need to press the brake pedal as far down as I normally do in order for the car to stop.

After a few days, this symptom seems to resolve. The brakes seem to normalize and everything is back to normal.

I’d like to know - is this normal? Is it possible to find out why this happens?

This just came to mind because I just came from the local service department. My tire pressure was low. Subaru inspected my tires and then topped off my air. And on the drive home, I noticed the same thing with my brakes. I'm assuming they removed my tires to inspect them, and that seems like a common thing across all scheduled maintenance (either inspecting tires (I'm assuming that requires removing them), or rotating).

Is this all normal?
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