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Some XVs here in Oz run different coloured wheel nuts. Mine being DGM, I went for black. Nice touch. Practical as it looks cleaner. (The chrome nuts get grubby.)

Downsides? Alas, you have to be careful getting them on without wrecking the black paint. I wrapped mine in cloth when putting them on. And you can always us touch up paint afterwards. You also have to carry a different wheel brace or do what I do, and carry a socket wrench with the right socket. This fits in place of the OEM wheel brace.

What to watch out for... I use steel nuts. Others use aluminium alloy etc. For safety reasons, I would stick with steel nuts because you can't always tell about the quality of the alloy nuts. If price is no object, check out Rays Engineering Wheel Nuts - despite not being steel lug nuts. But watch out for fakes! (No such thing as $50 Rays lug nuts.) Anyway, I sourced my steel lug nuts from a tyre place in Oz. (The Rays will have to wait but boy they look good.)

Here are some pics.


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