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Hello all!
My wife and I bought a certified '14 Premium 5MT w/ 52K miles in 2016.
The 3/4 shift fork in the trans failed at 107K and left my wife stranded in traffic with the car stuck in 2 gears at once, twice. Car driveline was locked up and would not move, stalled out when releasing the clutch. Shifter was stuck/locked in gear.(It had started popping out of gear @ 104K after the warranty expired.)

I removed the trans and replaced the 3/4 shift fork, reassembled and reinstalled it. Ran fine for 8500 miles. Now at 115K started to get a tire speed dependent 'click' that turns to a low rumble at speed.
I'm getting frustrated and tired of the 'fear factor' for her driving with this trans.

I DO have a 5MT trans and rear diff. from my previous DD, a 99 Legacy L 30th anniversary sedan, EJ22. Both work perfectly still. IF this XV trans from the FB fails again, is it possible to use an EJ trans on an FB motor? I know the final drive ratios are different in the Xv versus the Legacy, so i Understand I'd have to also swap the rear diff. to match.

Anyone have any suggestions or details on such a swap?
I know I could buy a salvage trans but kinda 'gun shy' on this particular option based on this experience.


Original thread: 5MTrans 3rd/4th failure issue @105K- Options?
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