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Dealers always sell for cash — not necessarily your cash
Car dealers are independent business people who have an authorized franchise with one or more car manufacturers. They don't work for the manufacturer; the manufacturer doesn't own a dealership.

Dealers buy cars from the manufacturer, usually with large “floor-by-floor” loans from a Bank or “captive” financial company. The Bank charges dealers interest on these loans. Dealers must sell cars to pay off these loans, with interest, as well as cover other business expenses.

When a dealer sells or rents a car, they always receive cash, whether directly from the customer, or from the financial company or Bank that lent the customer the money.

A common misconception is that dealers prefer to receive cash directly from the customer, bypassing the financing stage, and that customers with cash get the best deals. This is not true. In fact, dealers usually receive commissions or “finder's fees” for car financing provided by banks or financial companies, and therefore prefer that customers Finance or rent them out. This way they earn more money.

Dealers do not Finance car loans and leases
Dealers are not bankers. They don't have a loan or rental Department. They do not approve loans, although they often check the customer's credit. They do not directly Finance cars that they sell or rent out. Instead, they preferred financial companies or banks that they work in organizing financing for customers, rather than most dealers using the car brand “captive” financial companies such as Ford credit, and Honda Finance, although some may use distribution companies of Finance (such as Southeast Toyota Finance) or major national banks (such as ally Bank).
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