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I recently joined the Crosstrek family with my purchase of a 2015 Crosstrek.

I decided shortly after to replace the already aftermarket head unit (Apple Carplay only) with a different aftermarket head unit in order to use my Android phone.

I purchased all the necessary wiring harnesses and such; clicked/crimped/hooked up every as it should be, turn the key and... dangit nothing.

After testing all of the fuses and all of the pins it seems the unit is not getting power from the stock wiring harness. As in the power wire (12 pin, top right) is dead. To test it, I grounded my light tester and poked it. Nothing. I jumped the connection from its neighbor pin (that lit up the light tester) and the head unit started right up just fine (no I did not leave it this way) however it was back-feeding power - the dash lit up super bright.

All this leads me to believe there is a dead wire in the stock wiring harness. I am trying to get the car into a custom radio place near by however it will be a few days before they can see me.

Based on what I have said can anyone give any insight into what might be going on? How much it might cost (parts wise anyway, I know labor will differ)? Or how to diagnose and/or fix the problem myself - if its easy anyway.

This goes beyond my knowledge of swapping head units.

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