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Finally! A Chance to Get Out a Bit!

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Hi Trekkers,

Just sharing a few photos. Finally got a chance to take my baby out on a small trip.

Ahhh... amazing where a Trek will take you.. I'm just lucky this is in my own back yard! (though it is quite a sight to see cactus and snow in the background at the same time).

Hope to post some more once I get more goodies for it. :)



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Awesome pics!!!!

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Very nice!
Nice pics, thank you for posting them.

I was just in Vegas laying at a pool looking at snow-covered mountains in the background. The desert is weird.
Hahaha... The desert is weird. That's too funny. Though it is kinda weird that last Saturday it was in the 30s and this Saturday it will be 90! Nothing like going from winter to summer in 7 days. Lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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