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Hey All! Been an owner of a 2019 Limited for about a year now, but new member here! In that time, we've done a few changes here and there, and are just now making the big changes we have been patiently waiting to do!

Our story: There are actually two of us behind this account/build! We are a couple from SoCal, who loves to travel and go on adventures whenever we can! The car is actually my girlfriends, who owns it and drives it! I, the boyfriend, am an automotive photographer who takes the photos, makes content, and helps manage the social media accounts! Our goal is to visit every national park, and so far that journey has taken us to some incredible places. Genie, our 2019 Limited Crosstrek has gotten us to several of them already, but there are so many more to go! We will be posting a lot of content documenting our journies with the crosstrek build! Check out our content over on our IG: @GenieTreks

Here she is the day she was picked up!

We began making some smaller changes:

Then we started getting the mod itch...

We took it on all of our adventures:

The bigger changes are coming up soon, just waiting for them to arrive! Stay tuned!
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