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I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds the stock glove box illumination lacking. It seems like they went with a modest 3 mm amber LED that puts out a fairly focused light.

I had a chance to pop out the illumination assembly, pull out the LED, bore out the LED slot, popped in a 5 mm white LED with the dome clipped off for a better spread, I would swap out the resistor had I have the parts since I am just running half the current the new LED can take with the factory resistor. For the job it was nice to have a plastic dashboard kit to pull the assembly out, and desoldering/soldering tools to swap out the electronic components.

I didn't take all of the pictures for a walk through, but attached are some of the pictures I did take to provide a rough idea of the components to deal with, and a shot of the results that really doesn't do it justice (standard cell-phone-camera-quality apology).


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