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All around good guys; sales were down to earth and easy to talk to. Worked out a pretty good deal with my '06 Explorer, I honestly got more than I thought possible for it; probably so they could keep the car nearer sticker though.

Had them put on the Subaru hitch (felt more comfortable that way, don't judge me) the bumper got a big scratch next to the gate and the cut for the receiver was crooked. HOWEVER, they were very receptive and apologetic about it; are ordering me a new bumper to correct the ill cut and the big scratch.

Morale of the story is things happen, and you get crappy lube techs working on your car now and then. What makes a dealership is the willingness to 'make it right'. A different tech did the same hitch install the same day to a Tangerine XV and it was immaculate and perfect, I'm told he will be working on my car when it returns.

All things considered; Recommended.
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