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So back when I bought my 2014 xv premium with nav package the Aha app was installed. a few months later, I upgraded the maps and the aha app disappeared. I never thought much of it since I didn't use it. However, my wife just leased a 2016 cx-5 and the Aha app has come a long way. wanted to play with it in the crosstrek but have no idea how to get it back....any ideas?

I tried putting the original sd card in to see if it was attached to the nav system and it didn't change anything. I'm curious if you can update the frimware for the radio.....seems like it's possible but can't find info on where you would get it......these days everything can be updated...

if it is tied to the nav info on the sd card is it possible they sent me the wrong card?

thanks in advance.

*edit -didn't see the nav sub forum sorry for posting in general.
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