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Welcome to CCT. Your 2 Treks look awesome!

I posted to your other thread with all the photos. Dying to get my hands on the front and rear skid guards for my SWP Trek. Only have found them coming out of china and its a lot of money to shell out for parts I'm not sure will fit the US model (and emailing to china seller to ask, doesn't raise the confidence much. Lol).

All the guys at my dealer have gotten to know me by first name. Lol. Guess I'm the only Trek owner around who's been modding her Trek (or maybe it's uncommon they have a little old lady doing it) hahaha! I had to teach them about the nano tint and they didn't know about the skid guards. So they aren't much help in knowing if the china skids will fit either.

Well.. Glad to have you here. This is an awesome board (even when Xtrekr post snaps of 4x4s in action... That should come equipped with barf bags). Heheh

Love your croc stickers! That's classic!
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