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hi everyone,

i fabricate hidden hitch design for many different types of cars, most of the buyers are looking for bicycle hitch racks or cargo rack usage, kayak, etc.

a friend asked i make one for his crosstrek and thought i would share the final pics.

my design is hidden when not in use, the lower L-shaped receiver removes and stores in your hatch when not in you can drive around with no hitch hanging in view. this design works great as the hitch is at the normal height from the ground and works well with tall hitch racks so the bikes are not super high.

the rack my friend is using is Allen deluxe 3 bike carrier - he got it on sale for 75 on amazon. it works perfect allowing just enough clearance for the hatch to open with out having to pitch/tilt the hitch bike rack down.

if anyone is interested i can fab: [email protected]



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