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Road salt, dirt, sand, and other road debris are the worst enemies of your interior and, in particular, your factory carpeting and can quickly turn your nice-looking carpet into a piece of rag without appropriate protection. Of course, you may have floor mats installed from the factory, but they are not very useful and efficient if you live in a wet climate or explore rough terrains. Fortunately, custom-fit or universal trim-to-fit all-weather floor mats are a different story. They are durable, flexible, and odorless weatherproof car mats that do not absorb moisture and mud, ensuring ultimate protection under any conditions.

Tips for choosing high-quality floor mats
1. Choose a reliable brand
The WeatherTech or Husky Liners logo on your floor mats is much more than a stylish accent. It is a guarantee of high quality and reliability proved by thousands and thousands of customers across the globe.
2. Determine your needs
Many people consider floor mats and liners to be the same, but, in fact, they are different yet do the same job. The difference is that liners feature raised edges and fit like a floor’s carpeting skin matching its contours, while floor mats are all flat on the bottom.
3. Check the fit
Always prefer direct-fit all-weather floor mats to their universal counterparts. This will save you a lot of time and headaches because model-specific floor mats do not require any cutting or trimming.
4. Purchase a full set of mats
It is always a good idea to buy a full set of mats at a time for several reasons. First, you can save your budget with a lower cost per mat when buying a full set. Second, brand-new front mats and worn-out rear mats will cause anything but dissonance and will not add style to your interior.
5. Choose a reliable store
A reliable store like Truck and Gear is a guarantee of an enjoyable shopping experience and long-lasting service life for your Subaru Crosstrek all-weather floor mats. We deal with the most reputed brands and manufacturers, provide a fair and flexible price policy, and deliver all parts and accessories directly to your door.
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