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Looking for better seating since im i use my XV for work daily (300-500 miles a day ) and found the solution for me .
Pick up a pair of FRS seats for under $125 each at salvage yard (no airbags, stolen not blown) Preferred to have BRZ seats but will have these and
rear seats re-trimmed before winter .Price was just to good to pass up.Only difference is center seat material and no red wing on BRZ

Much to my amazement the rails are in the exact same spot on both seats, YEAH !!!!So i just cut off mounting feet and ground off rivets until i had nothing but hole left. Did same for XV seats and then much to my amazement again the holes in FRS rails are same spacing as XV. I am 6'5" and best part is using stock mounting locations on FRS rails moves seat mounting back about 1/2-3/4" . I went to ACE hardware picked up some M8x12 (get M8 only as perfect fit) bolts and nuts. Secured the mounting feet from XV to rails using oem holes . I will be adding a tack weld later to further secure feet but if you don't have welder can just use bolts. I would highly recommend the weld as one of those things you don't want to think "you should have done" . (Update - On rear mounting the rear hole of foot needs go in front rear hole of rail. Amazing there is another hole for front bolt mount of foot) So the rear most foot mounting hole on rail will not be used.

Since my seats were from a theft recovery (less than 1000 miles on them) the airbags in seats were gone and they cut harness wire .Looked like had bags until i opened up .
Anyway the xv seats bags are almost identical and unzipped back of seat bolted right in . i ran harness and plugged into oem location on bottom of seat.

Next up seat belts and they bolt right on and ran wire like oem . They are a little longer than FRS units but you have to swap as will not work with XV belts .
Also on pass side you need the harness for weight sensor from XV seats. Just swap plug and seat belt plugs right in . Weight sensor is same on both seats.

Now for sake of time i didn't swap over seat heaters yet but it will be straight forward install . You can buy Hog ring pliers and new hog rings at Ace hardware or any farm supply store and will
need for install .

Tested and no codes as using all XV parts. The plugs are different for everything so much safer and easier to swap everything over. Took 5 hours to complete from start to cold beer finish.

WOW, What a huge difference . Nice firm bolsters and no sore bum after long drive . FRS/BRZ seats have same height adjustment like OEM DR seat but it is slightly lower and low setting on FRS seats is LOW. I like this setting for highway as gives almost sports car driving position. I have seats all the way back and on LOW setting i have my leg fully extended to clutch in . Overall seating position on mid setting is identical to XV.
Totally worth hair full of metal shavings and doing this on most humid day of the year.Can't use rear caps on seats rails unless you cut up . FRS/BRZ pass weight sensor is very sensitive and Iphone will set it off so i will be doing seat belt warning disable mod to deactivate annoying beeping.

Tools needed
Grinder - 2 grinding metal wheels
13mm socket and wrench (may differ due to bolt head size)
10mm socket for battery in XV and airbag nuts
14mm socket and extension to remove seats
Flat head screw driver
Welder to tack feet after bolting in (optional but recommended)
Black spray paint- - Spray rails and feet before final install
Blue/Green painters tape
Vacuum - Suggest cleaning up those french fries crumbs before reinstalling seats.

8M X 12 bolts (need 16 total)
Thin 8m nuts (16 needed)
Black electrical tape
Couple 2 or 3 Cold Beers of your choice .


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