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Back in 2018, I bought a brand new Crosstrek for my department at work. It's a 2018 ORANGE (yuk) with a sunroof (yeah, I scored that one). It was my idea because I hated driving the old, dirty monster 4X4 field trucks when I was simply going down the road or running lab samples to the city. Now the tribe has 3-4 more departments with Subarus. I started something, LOL.

However, I had a little Nissan Versa with my kayak rack on top for my personal car. That was the car in my budget when shopping for new car, and it was my second Versa. I loved that little car; it fit me. I have a long commute to and from work; 65 miles one way so the Versa worked. On an unusually dark morning, January 2, I was hit by a big buck. Big boom. Never saw the poor guy coming. Driver's side air bag deployed. At first, I didn't know what happened and then I saw legs. I am Native American (Muscogee Creek Tribe) and I am Deer Clan. All of it was disturbing. That little Versa was the first brand new car I've ever been able to purchase. She handled it well but didn't survive. The car was totaled so I needed a new car.

Step in, Carguru and Autotrader. I love being active with things like camping, hiking and kayaking (I'm fairly new to kayaking). The Crosstrek is a fantastic fit for me, plus it can pull a small trailer. I bought a 2016 Crosstrek Premium. It's silver, and I would prefer black or red, but I got all the options I was looking for except the sunroof. No sunroof. I've had her since Tuesday.

I had a not so fun commute home today. It was a hard rain that turned into a torrential rain for at least 30 of the 65 miles. I have to say, I am super pleased with the way my Subaru handled the torrential rain. The Crosstrek is fantastic!

Things I need to add to the car: 1) cross rails so I can pack my kayak; 2) a trailer hitch so I can pull a small utility camper, and eventually, a small (maybe teardrop) light weight camper.

I'm in! Not happy about losing my little Versa, happy to be alive and not hurt and absolutely thrilled to finally be a part of the Subaru family.
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