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2019 limited hk sound,,after reading all the threads about speaker up grades i decided to go all in,,,spent this mourn changing the rear doors/front tweeters out with the kickers 6.5/3 inch IMG_20190427_122913.jpg
backs went fine,,fronts suck but i got em,,,,i had some old meta connectors
took the plasstic connector off leaving just the pins,,unhooked the factory speaker,,put the meta pins in the factory pins perfect fit wrapped in good ole duct tape so they wouldnt come apart walaaa,,,perfect !!!
ok heres my opinion,, im a huge audio geek even though im 56 years old
i demand prefect sound system or as close as i can get with what i have to work with,,the hk system is one of the best FACTORY systems i ever heard
have had all dodge alpine 9 speaker systems,,this is my first subaru
i did not replace the front doors becuse they are SUBS,,and only produce the lower freq's,,changing to a 3-way is waste of time and money !! tweeters and mids would not be heard or very muted...the rear doors sound a LITTLE better not much,,and the front tweeters sound ALOT lower volume but a little crisper highs,,my normal listen volume was 10-15,,now its 20-25 to get the same level,,sabaru did thier homework on this system matching everything up almost perfectly,,got give it a chacne for awhile,,i may put factory speakers back in,,just my opinion,,other than that,,ive had all dodges for
most of my life and i will never go back after this purchase !!!


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