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Hi my Trekker buds,

Ol' granny here. I think I posted something like this in past. So, if so, just blow it off. I have updated it and really thinks it gives an idea of Granny and love of her baby girl. Enjoy, laugh at me all you want and spin your finger at your temple, loudly saying "Crazy ol' bat". Hehehehe:


I love my little car. She and I are sort of alike...

I'm rockin' when she's rollin'.

Her paint is shiny and has no wrinkles.
I wear paint to cover wrinkles.

Her rear end is solid and tight.
Mine is tattooed with the word "Jello".

She loves getting a wax job.
I had it done once and fainted.

Her headlights are clear and bright.
I have headlights. They sit at "low beam".

Her body is streamlined with dynamic curves.
I have curves. Does a muffin top count?

Men notice her going down the road.
Men looked at me.... in 1920.

Her frame is straight and true.
I think I have scoliosis.

She's powerful and always raring to go.
I need a nap.

She can comfortably seat four.
My couch says I take up at least three.

She's clearly my better half.

- Love Granny and her Baby Girl.

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Hahaha, what a sincere and happy piece of poetry you made there, avimia!

I don't quite have the creative mind like yours to express how much I love my Subaru in such a way. The only way I know is to show the fun things I do with it. Keep it up!
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