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After reading some of the discussions on extended warranties and dealer incentives to offer 'value added warranties if you service your vehicle solely at your selling dealer, I thought I would post something of interest. While it solely applies to Americans and is an official Federal Government Act, sections of it have been used in establishing warranty service options outside of the country. What the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act does provide is the legal opportunity for service providers other than dealerships to work on your vehicle during warranty periods and beyond. While they cannot provide warranty coverage (that must be done at the dealer) it does allow them to follow the dealers recommended service schedule to maintain warranty coverage and provide documentation that the work has been completed.

The link that I have provided (further down) came from a service provider other than a dealer or recognized manufacturer. The first part pertains to modifying your car (something many of us will do) and the actions that the dealer cannot take by refusing service, they would have to prove the modification was the direct cause requiring the warranty to be refused. We have probably all heard stories of someone being refused warranty for adding a performance enhancing modification.

If doing maintenance yourself (DIY) keep your receipts for parts and create a simple log book documenting the mileage and what you did. Even better is using the maintenance schedule from your owners manual so you can check off or list the corresponding work completed that is shown in the schedule. And you can also create an account on and log your servicing including work done at service providers other than your dealer, there, where Subaru has access to see your information if you need to show them servicing history

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act | Murray Motive
for more specifics on the Act, scroll down to WHAT IS THE MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY ACT?

There is also a link within and contact information to the Federal Trade Commission that can also provide further information should you experience problems gaining warranty. Keep in mind an investigation by the FTC could also end in siding with the manufacturer/dealer in denying warranty.

The Act also protects the consumer in one of the most common illegal ploys by dealers of all brands is to offer a verbal extended warranty implying that you must get it serviced only at the selling dealer as required by the schedule to get this extended warranty. Pure BS and illegal. If they are not offering to give you written details of their 'extended warranty' walk away from the offer (they could change the requirements to suite them at any time without written documentation, even create more service requirements). If they are offering the manufacturers or a third party extended warranty then the details will be written in the contract. Pay very close attention to third party warranties. They will often stipulate that some items be reused where the OEM extended warranty will often replace all the related service items.

While service providers other than dealers may use aftermarket options when servicing your vehicle, no matter what the brand name is some are not created equal to the OEM and will often be the first thing dealers will look at when providing warranty. As you look further at the links I provided here,305.msg9651.html#msg9651 there are many well recognized brands of oil filters that do not meet the same specs as the OEM as discovered on disassembly. Just a further FYI that OEM may be the better choice for some service items until more facts are available about the aftermarket.

Hope this helps
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