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Discussion Starter · #1 · it's not really an aftermarket navigation system as much as it is just a dash-mounted tablet, but it's the best I have right now.

I bought a Nexus 7 a few months ago (on a side note, I love the thing) and wanted a way to put it in my car for long road trips, like the one I have from NC to CA coming up in two days. The main reasons being:

1. A large, dash-mounted navigation screen.
2. An easy to view readout of text messages while I am on the road.

First, I purchased the app TabletTalk from the Google Play market, which ran $2.99 I believe (only need one copy for phone and tablet.) I set it up per instructions and had my Droid Razr communicating with my Nexus 7 via Bluetooth in no time. This way, when I am driving and receive a text, I can easily glance over and see who texted me and what they said. At that point I can either respond via the tablet or from my phone (once I get to a safe spot, of course.)

TabletTalk also has an option to readout who is calling you, which allows you to avoid picking your phone up while you're driving. Since I have only added really important phone contacts to my Crosstrek's Bluetooth system, now if anyone not saved in my car's system calls me, I can see their name pop up on my tablet and then decide if I want to answer via the Crosstrek's hands-free system or ignore the call.

Since my tablet is WiFi-only I then go into the Bluetooth settings on my Razr and Nexus and pair the two devices so that the tablet can share the phone's 4G LTE connection. I won't go into detail on this as each phone/tablet combo will probably vary.

Ok, so now I have the tablet communicating with my phone seamlessly and need a way to mount the tablet in my car. I headed on over to Amazon and after some searching and review-reading, I settled on the Arkon SM517 windshield mount The mount is extremely sturdy and holds on to the dash extremely well, as well as locking into whatever position you need it to be in without slipping.

I don't really need to get into details of how the mount attaches to the dash (self-explanatory) or anything, but just know I played around with a few options of where to place it until I found an area that doesn't obstruct my view and is easy to access, and I recommend you do the same.

So, there you have it. Now I have a simple solution for navigation, internet, texting/calling in my Crosstrek. The small, 7" tablet really doesn't obstruct my view out the windshield at all, but I am taller so maybe for shorter people it would be a bigger issue. It is definitely not something I will keep in my car every time I run to the store, but for longer trips it will really come in handy.
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