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Posted this as well on the other XV forum, didn't see it referenced here. Currently for USA consumption but other regions may offer it.

Nothing about 'my subaru', but a great resource tool for tracking maintenance even DIY's. Use the video link provided on the RH side where it indicates 'Sign In' for more details on what you can accomplish with this resource.

Now I'm not sure how widespread this feature is around the global markets so check your regional Subaru website or contact them for information if it is available.

Sadly in this case it is not accessible by Canadians and our regional website does not provide the service at this time, but I know plenty of owners in the USA that use this.

Best to update as you or your service provider does servicing on an ongoing basis. Key as always, still save your receipts and bills/work-orders. If you ever have an issue or complaint, when you call Subaru Customer Service they have an instant record of your servicing thanks to My Subaru if you keep it updated. Subaru only has records regarding warranty from a dealer and does not have access to those regular servicing records unless the dealer releases and forwards them to Customer Service at their request. If you are having trouble getting warranty on a service issue, having that information available immediately often results in a decision often (but not always) in your favor. Caveat; updating all your service in one day rather than ongoing can raise some red flags and requests for documentation (photocopies of bills/work-orders, etc.)

So check it out and check out if your regional Subaru importer offers this.

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