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Recently put a new battery in my 2015 XV Crosstrek, the check engine light was on when I left he battery store. I figured it would reset so I went on home, about 25 minutes’ drive. When I got home, it was still on so I put my OBD2 scanner on it to check and clear the code, but the scanner wouldn’t work. No power.

A little research led me to understand that the scan tool needs power from the OBD port to work. Must be a fuse blown. I found several forum entries for other, and older Subaru’s suggesting that I check the cigarette lighter fuse, the USB fuse, the ACC fuse. I checked them all, none were blown, but they were all 7.5 amps. I decided to just pull fuses one at a time until I found one blown, starting with 7.5 fuses.

I found it in the fuse box under the hood, labeled EGI + B, I believe it’s fuse #13. When I pulled the fuse it was very obviously blown, no question. I replaced it. The CEL went off. My scan tool immediately connected and pulled a permanent code P0560 system voltage malfunction.

Since it’s been over a week now without a CEL and everything works fine I assume that the battery change blew the fuse and replacing the blown fuse solved the problem.
I simply submit this thread because I couldn’t find a specific instance in a Crosstrek of this problem so maybe it will help someone else.
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