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Ok so I haven't done this yet. I am planning it and soliciting feedback.

I'm planning on mod-ing the shift boot, and possibly the shift knob. I've been inspired by the following; Starwars comic - IN.FOCUS clothing

Their boots slip over the existing pleather. They make a number of them and I'm pretty sure the WRX cuts will fit the XV... please correct me if I'm wrong. It appears, based on what I've seen so far, that this should be the case and fit perfectly.

I emailed the manufacturer and asked them, haven't heard back, and also asked if they could do a Calvin and Hobbes comic. My orange Subie is named Hobbes and I have a few Calvin and Hobbes decals. If not, I'm going to do the Star Wars comic because the new Calvin and Hobbes artist is doing more Star Wars strips. If I go the Star Wars route I'm thinking of adding this knob; and then round it out with this senseless passenger seat belt accoutrement;

Open to thoughts and discussion.

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