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Put diff fluid somewhere but not sure where

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2014 Crosstrek CVT

Had CV fluid replaced by dealer because I didn't want to mess that up, but decided to do diffs by myself. What a fool. After putting well over the recommended amount of diff fluid in the front diff and not having any coming out the check port I realized I must have made a big mistake. Now I know I put it in the wrong port. I needed to put it in on the right side of the diff, but instead I put it in on the left. I'm assuming I just put diff fluid in my CVT.

So I have now put Diff fluid in correctly, but need to make sure I know where I put the first batch, and deal with it. See pic. The plug circled in red is where I put an excessive ammount of 75/90 Subaru gear oil. It looks to be in the diff, but the fluid didn't end up in the diff. My understanding is that the plug circled in green is the CVT fill port. Does anyone know where the port in red goes to and what the impact of having Diff fluid in it is, and what I should do.

Laughing at my expense will be understood, but I am really hoping for info or advice. Does anyone know where the port circled in red goes?

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Update: Learned a lot about my mistake at this point. Diff fluid fill was on other side and that has been fixed. I drained and kinda flushed the CVT. Pressurized air through the path into the radiator and refilled than ran to flush the radiator/heater outlet line. Also found out that after you have drained it and let it drip forever, and pulled the lines that go to the radiator... If you remove that plug circled in red, it instantly drops another quart+ of fluid that is stuck up in the CVT until that red circled plug is removed. Car probably has 100-200 miles on it with new fluid since this incident, and I'm not throwing any CVT codes or noticing any issues with the CVT. Gonna run it till the weekend and then drain/flush/refill again, and then just cross my fingers and hope I didn't do any serious damage that will show up later.
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Hope all is back to normal. I hear new cvt's are $4000.
Flushed again real good. Not a single code form the tranny and it is running as good as ever. Fingers crossed hoping it will stay good.
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