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Hey All,

After getting inspired by a project another member did with an Arduino and led flashers, as well as input from another member, I have decided to light a fire under my asset on a project I've been toying around with for over two years, starting with my old B5 Audi. My hopes in putting this out here is to spark a community project where we can help each other and solve any issues that arise.

I would like to build an infotainment system that does a few key things:

1). Act as a full media player, including navigation

2). Display Engine Data via OBD2 (including reading and clearing codes, and watching things like engine temp on an ongoing basis)

3). Run ECUFlash to allow me to change between the ecu tunes I have from Throttle Happy

4). Do all of the above in a multitasking and intuitive manner

I will be using the Raspberry Pi Model 3 as the computer. It seems to offer the best features, low cost, and has the benefit of huge support on the interwebz for troubleshooting. The model 3 has built in WiFi and Bluetooth, the former could help with navigation and setup, while the latter is obviously a necessity for any modern infotainment system. I will also probably use the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen, as that seems to offer great look, feel, and features (no need to add accessories to power it from the R_Pi3).

So here is where I'm at with each of the points above:

1). I could easily use Kodi here. It offers a full media interface, and using Kodi CarPi allows navigation. It also has huge support, again allowing easier troubleshooting. The downfalls are that its still a bit clunky, and the navigation isn't the best. The FM radio navigation is not intuitive at all, and could be difficult to use if you were to try to change radio stations while driving.

2). pyOBD seems a natural choice here. But I'm not sure how well it will play nice with Kodi. A reddit lead me to a page where some people added OBD2 functionality to Kodi, but I haven't been able to read up on that, so I'm not sure if they are using pyOBD or some other distro.

3). Here is where it gets tricky. ECUFlash only runs optimally on Windows. You can run it on Mac, but it doesn't interface with the Tactrix Openport 2.0, only the older cable, which doesn't work with the Crosstrek. Then there is the possibility of running it using an emulator such as Wine, but doing so again removes the interface with the cable itself, which would remove the ability to write tunes to the ECU.

4). It all comes to pulling it all together in a simply, user-friendly, intuitive interface. I can easily do any ONE of those things, but doing them all together is quite a different feat. But, bringing it back to the use of the R_Pi3 over another competitors board is because you can get a distribution of Windows 10 for the R_Pi3, which will hopefully allow full functionality of ECUFlash, including use of the tactrix cable. You can also get Kodi for Windows, and I'm hoping that gives me access to a wider variety of Navigation apps, such as my personal favorite, (it allows the download of offline maps, updated all the time, with full offline navigation, unaffected by cell phone dead spots.)

So, I have ordered to R_Pi3, will need to order a few more parts, such as a power supply and touchscreen, and start putting it together. If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please post them. Again, I think we can come together as a collective community and make this work. I can't possibly be the only one here that thinks this project would be amazing.

Oh, lastly, for shutdown to avoid damaging the board, I saw someone use an arduino as a trigger to start the shutdown process using an external battery so the computer doesn't just shut down the moment you turn the car off. I'd like to do something similar.

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