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Rear View Mirror with Compass and Switch Question

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New owner of Subaru Crosstrek. My rearview mirror has a push button under it and a compass display on it.

Manual doesn't match the mirror.

Is the pushbutton for daytime/nighttime toggle?

One position is in (near flush). One position is out showing green.

Appears not to change anything..would like to keep on daylight as default unless I change..but don't know which is which??

Also the compass headings show bright red all the time and are a bit distracting. Is there a way to dim that? Or turn it off? And turn it on only when desired??

Thank you.
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If it's the same one in our 2013, with the green illuminated its auto dimming. The compass in ours is not adjustable .
Despite the difference in how the mirrors look, you have the auto-dimming mirror with compass. There is no toggling necessary as it will automatically detect light levels and adjust accordingly.

The button is for toggling the auto-dim, toggling the compass, and for calibration of the compass at your specific region.

As you may have already seen, for convenience sake, page 3-99 of the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek owner's manual:
3-99 (in my printed manual) doesn't address the compass at all..and it shows a mirror where the button underneath pushes forward and back for daytime/nighttime..very different from the mirror I actually have..where the button pushes in close to flush or out (showing green), and says nothing about the compass.

I notice that it defaults to the green position whenever I restart the car for the auto-dimming (thank you, mifiremedic, for that explanation).

The compass needs to have a control to dim and/or turn off/on???

I went to the manual pages on your link, AWD freak, thanks for that. It is quite different than the printed manual that actually came with my Crosstrek. The answer to my questions are in the link you posted for me. Thank you. Fie on Subaru for not giving me the same manual.
Next question. Is it possible to change the Subaru default setting for auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass so that the bright red compass digital display stays off when the car is restarted? And can be turned on when desired (rarely).

I find I am pushing the button to turn off the distracting bright red digital compass display every time I start my vehicle..which can be dozens of times of day. This is going to add up over the lifetime of the vehicle to thousands of times one has to turn off the compass.

It's kind of weird that the RV mirror would auto dim to eliminate glare at night, but also stick a bright red digital display on that mirror that is extremely distracting to viewing out the rear view mirror.
I believe the red compass default will always be on during startup, no matter what.

A solution to reduce the brightness of the compass display would be to stick on a dark-tinted film directly on it. Otherwise, another solution would be to replace the rearview mirror entirely with the model with only the auto-dimming mirror function.
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