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I am looking for some input from someone who has removed the A pillar trim on their XV. I plan to install a glass-mount antenna at the top of the windshield and want to route the coax down behind the A pillar trim.

I found a PDF online on how to do it, but wanted to ask if there are any special considerations I need to know about (other than there are airbag components behind there). I am thinking that I will likely use the driver's side.

From a photo I saw online taken during a guy's new sound system install, it appears that the coax for the radio antenna runs down the driver's side A pillar, so I would probably zip tie the new coax to the existing radio antenna coax to keep it nice and neat.

I already have another antenna installed on the back hatch (liftgate) using a lip mount. I wanted to mount the second antenna to the rear window, but I can't because of the defrost grid lines. My only other option then is the little window behind the rear door window.

Any input would be appreciated.

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