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Hello, All.
I have owned 2 older white Subaru's, 1990's Legacy and an early 2000's Outback. When the time came to get a brand new car this year, the Universe kept popping up and redirected me to a 2021 Crosstrek Sport... in white. Several other sales fell through, including a 2022 Tucson Hybrid that I came within a few hours of buying... and a gray 2021 Crosstrek Sport that was scooped up hours before I could get to the dealership. That led to the Universe reminding me that our first Subaru, nicknamed "Dirty Larry" (because we live in the country and "Larry", as my daughter named the car, kept getting dirty), which was white, saved my daughters life when she avoided a dog on the highway and hit two trees at 50 mph... The only injury was a cut on her arm from broken glass she caught while getting out of the car. And then the Universe came through, and, though not on the initial delivery, a 2021 Sport in White would be in a few days later. I did the paperwork and will get it this week.

Thank you Universe!

Here are some photos of how Dirty Larry did with the trees - front and spun to the back side.


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