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Little Kai is 3 1/2 we decided he was old enough to try a local mountain (in our backyard) of Crowder's Mountain. Though our state holds mountains up to 6,000' (yeah, still not west coast elevations), Crowder's tops out at just 1,625' with about 800' of elevation gain. That said, the trail is quite steep and rocky in even relatively fit hikers can find a challenge in it.

Our total hike distance was 5.2 miles..which was incredible for the little guy..I was really, really impressed. We didn't carry him at all, but did hold his hand for some of the sketchy parts..

Mommy and Kai fueling up on Subway prior to the hike..

Hitting the trail..

Couple trees are already starting to turn..

We did the 1 mile loop around the lake as the warmup.. Saw a snake and some other cool stuff..

We thought we had a kid, but apparently we hatched a monkey..

Kai told me to tell Richard Piotrowski that he found the ultimate hiking food (better than pizza or McDonald's breakfast sandwiches)...Sour Patch Kids..

Mommy and Kai enjoying the rest of a Subway sandwich on the summit..

That kid is something else..

Kai having one of Daddy's birthday cupcakes that Nana sent me. Georgetown Cupcakes overnighted!! Woot!

Mommy and Kai on another clearing on the "Rock Top" trail..

This looks less dangerous than it is..I promise. My Dad is screaming "get that boy a helmet".. He was on Daddy's hand belay for the entire trip where it got rugged..I promise..

The final stretch..

A congratulatory hug..

As soon as he hit the car..

All in all a great hike. Barely a complaint at all and he was peppy throughout. I think Mommy and Daddy were more beat than him. A few more years and we'll be ready to make a road trip back out west I think!

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