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This is my first car with the dreaded infotainment. (Crosstrek 2019) I'm not a fan. I'd rather push buttons, and have an ipod again. But my ipod kicked the bucket years ago, and I'm just going to have 'embrace' this bs like an anaconda on it's dinner... So-

My problem is this- for the sole purpose of this car, I bought an USB and loaded it up with my music. I don't care about album order being by track/alphabet. Whatever. What I DO care is that an artist is listed under one flipping heading. Not as a new artist for every "feature artist". Especially when that's NO WHERE in the file name, or metatags! WTF.

Example my USB is thus:
USB>Daft Punk>Random Access Memories>Get Lucky
USB>Daft Punk>Random Access Memories>Doin it Right
(everything opens up as you expect it should) Treated as an album with the songs in the album. Great!

What Subaru Starlink does to it:
USB>Daft Punk feat Panda Bear>Doin' it Right
USB>Daft Punk feat Pharrel Williams>Get Lucky

So, now, instead of listening to "Random Access Memories" under Daft Punk, I have to listen to each of these songs as if Daft Punk feat Panda Bear was a one hit wonder. This goes on and on for a lot of my music, where it just decides it knows better than I did how to organize my s*#t. I'm frustrated.

I have a macbook. I have Music. I pull the mp3 into Music, and there's NOTHING about "Panda Bear" on that file. Not in the name, not in the meta information (under "details", "file", or "sorting") In "Music" it's all done as it should be "Daft Punk>Random Access Memories>Song etc.

I'm stumped and about ready to just be musicless. We don't have reliable data access where I drive, it's too hilly. So cloud, pandora, etc are not an option. Even their superior "Satellite Radio" fails every couple hundred feet. It's worse to just get silence than the growing and diminishing static. And there's a reason we left CD's behind- they get scratched. Plus this stupid car can only hold one at a time. Besides- I like A LOT of variety.

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