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Startex material

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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for adding me. This is my first post and hope to learn a few things in the community. I purchased a 2023 Sport back in January with 7 miles. One of the features I like the most about the car is the cool seat material. However, I've noticed as the weather has started to warm up and the interior gets warmer during the day the smell inside is pretty weird. I've cleaned the entire car and I tend to keep it pretty tidy and clean. I've also added some air fresheners as well.

I believe the smell is coming from the startex seat material. Has anybody experienced this and found a good cleaner/conditioner that may help keep the smell down? It's really bad at times. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Stay Safe
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That's a head scratcher... I also have a '23 Sport which I bought a couple of months ago. No odor from my Startex at all. I just occasionally wipe the seats down with a damp microfiber cloth and we're good to go. Did you get any "interior protection" dealer add-ons at time of purchase?
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