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So the year 2012 finally brought us an affordable sports car for the Toyota family (in contrast to the $350,00 price tag of the Lexus LFA). This is the only true sports car (in my opinion the Celica and the convertible MR-2 don't count) that Toyota has offered since the death of the famous Supra in 1998. I'm sure you already, to keep costs down this is a joint effort between Toyota and Subaru, whose twin FR-S and BRZ will share a 2.0L mill engineered by Subaru. Subaru recently announced an STi version for 2014 that will feature lower and sportier suspension and the kind of flamboyant body embellishment that STi is famous for. The BRZ STi will slso get an additional 50 HP, though the power will come from adjustments to the VVT system, not from a turbocharger. Subaru says they plan on keeping power outputs between the WRX STi and the BRZ STi signiciantly different. That makes me you wonder with the current BRZ at around $26k, how much will the STi version cost? An additional $8k to $10K more? And how much with the next generation WRX cost? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

I don't know how reliable the source is, bit if it is true then it is disappointing to me. I think the BRZ is a cool little car, but, to me, it doesn't feel very "Subaru-ish" without AWD or a turbo.
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