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Not all body parts are built equally. They differ in purpose, style, and material you should be aware of to avoid a frustrating shopping experience and prevent unnecessary expenses in the long run. Truck and Gear is here to help you out with that, providing a buyer’s guide to Subaru Crosstrek body parts that can save you a lot of headaches and make your shopping enjoyable.

Types of body parts
1. Replacement body parts
All body parts that equal your original ones in look and design are called replacement parts. By saying replacement body parts, we mean OEM parts made by your automaker or for your automaker or aftermarket body parts fabricated with high tolerances to OEM specifications. The latter should fit as your original parts; however, they may require some sanding or trimming to mount properly. Common replacement body parts are:

- front and rear bumpers

- OEM grilles

- Factory doors

- Window glasses

- replacement hoods

- replacement fenders and quarter panels.

2. Custom body parts
All body parts that look or perform differently from your original body parts are called custom or aftermarket parts. Custom body parts can be manufactured from different materials to reduce weight, increase strength or ensure both. At the same time, they typically fit existing mounting points and do not require any drilling or modifications to the vehicle’s frame. Here are several examples of custom body parts:

- custom body kits

- spoilers

- custom grilles

- bull bars

- grille guards and bumper guards

- running boards

What kind of parts do I need?
If you’re looking to restore the original look of your vehicle, your products of choice are genuine OEM parts or aftermarket replicas. If possible, we recommend you to go with OEM parts or, at least, high-quality replicas to ensure an excellent fit and factory look.

On the other hand, if your goal is a custom look, improved aerodynamics, or better functionality, custom body parts are just what the doctor ordered.

Whether replacement or custom body parts, Truck and Gear has you covered with high-quality products at the market-best prices. Visit our website today to find top-notch bumpers, hoods, and other body parts, as well as get your special deal as a forum member.
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