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Subaru Crosstrek LED Lights: Reasons to Buy

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While incandescent and halogen lights are still a common feature in many of today’s automobiles, without a shadow of a doubt, the future of automotive lighting is LED technology. With plenty of benefits they provide over traditional lighting, LED lights gain popularity extremely fast, taking the place of traditional lights even in low-cost vehicles. Let's talk about the pros and cons of LED lights and their types to help you pick out the best LED lights for Subaru Crosstrek.

ABC of LED lighting
Unlike incandescent bulbs that feature a filament element inside, producing more heat than light, LEDs create light thanks to the movements of electrons in a semiconductor material, generating almost no heat at all. As a result, LEDs last two, three, and sometimes even four times longer than any other type of bulb.

Pros and cons of LED lights
1. Safety
LED lights have no gas inside, which means they simply cannot blow out. This fact makes them ideal for use under conditions and allows for placing them almost everywhere in a vehicle. Besides, thanks to their compact design and low operating temperatures, LEDs lights can be placed close to each other to create virtually any design.

2. Longevity
LEDs are the lights that last a lifetime. They do not have any filament to burn out, providing consistent performance year in and year out.

3. Low energy consumption
LEDs generate almost no heat no matter how long they are on, which means the lion's share of the energy they consume is transformed into light. They are much more efficient than halogen or incandescent bulbs while also being much brighter.

4. Brightness
The color temperature of LED lights is similar to HIDs, which, as we all know, are super bright. LED lights ensure excellent visibility in both daytime and nighttime driving conditions.

5. Flexibility
The compactness of LEDs and their low operating temperature make it possible to compound any light design, running the gamut from strips to rings and light bars.

6. Price
While at first thought, the high cost of LEDs seems to be an obvious con, in fact, LED lights can save you lots of budget in the long run simply because they last three or four times longer than cheap automotive lamps.

Common types of automotive LED lights
The high efficiency, safety, and versatility of LEDs make them perfect for use almost anywhere, including:


-tail lights

-daytime running lights

-off-road lights

-interior lighting

Looking for high-quality LED lights? You have come to the right store! Truck and Gear provides a wide selection of high-quality LED lights for Subaru Crosstrek and other vehicles.
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make sure you check on what is legal in your particular state
at a minimum the aftermarket headlight or tail light assembly must be DOT appproved
make sure you check on what is legal in your particular state
at a minimum the aftermarket headlight or tail light assembly must be DOT appproved
Right. Don’t be that dude and put the wrong bulb in and blinds all oncoming traffic…
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