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The Subaru Forester is Subaru's entry into the compact SUV (or some would call CUV for crossover utility vehicle) market.

The Subaru Forester's generations are in-line with the Subaru Impreza that it is based on. Many parts between same-generation Forester and Impreza are interchangable and compatible.

Therefore, the following Forester and Impreza generations will have high compatibility between parts:
1st gen Impreza, 1st gen Forester
2nd gen Impreza, 2nd gen Forester
3rd gen Impreza, 3rd gen Forester
4th gen Impreza, 4th gen Forester

Chassis code on a Subaru vehicle can be found within the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Fourth and fifth digits are the two digits that designate your chassis code.

For example:

The "GP" in the VIN indicates:
G = Impreza
P = fourth generation 5-door hatchback

The "G" in the fourth digit indicates the Impreza line.

The fifth digit (in the above case, the "P") indicates the generation and body style.

1st generation Subaru Forester
SF 5-door wagon

2nd generation Subaru Forester
SG 5-door wagon

3rd generation Subaru Forester
SH 5-door wagon

4th generation Subaru Forester
5-door wagon

5th generation Subaru Forester
5-door wagon
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