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The Subaru Legacy is Subaru's midsize car, and although the Outback has become separate in name to the Legacy, it still shares the same chassis with the Legacy wagon. It is larger than the Impreza

There are some markets (such as the USA) that did get the Outback sedan, or in some regions, named the "Legacy X" or "Liberty X" in Australia.

Also, the Subaru Baja is based off of the second generation Outback, which itself is based off of the third generation Legacy.

In North America, sales of the regular Legacy wagons without the Outback's various upgrades such as the raised suspension ceased on the fourth generation of the Legacy. Other markets can still get the Legacy wagon, but the Outback version of the Legacy wagon proved to be more popular than the plain Legacy wagon.

Since this is specific to just the Legacy, all Legacy chassis codes will be listed.

Chassis code on a Subaru vehicle can be found within the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Fourth and fifth digits are the two digits that designate your chassis code.

For example:

The "GP" in the VIN indicates:
G = Impreza
P = fourth generation 5-door hatchback

The "G" in the fourth digit indicates the Impreza line.

The fifth digit (in the above case, the "P") indicates the generation and body style.

1st generation Subaru Legacy
BC 4-door sedan
BJ 5-door wagon flat roof
BF 5-door wagon raised roof

2nd generation Subaru Legacy
BD 4-door sedan
BG 5-door wagon raised roof
BK 5-door wagon flat roof

3rd generation Subaru Legacy
BE 4-door sedan
BH 5-door wagon raised roof
BT 4-door pickup truck, Baja truck

4th generation Subaru Legacy
BL 4-door sedan
BP 5-door wagon

5th generation Subaru Legacy
BM 4-door sedan
BR 5-door wagon

6th generation Subaru Legacy

BN 4-door sedan
BS 5-door wagon
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