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Sunshade with Eyesight

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I recently purchased a 2017 Crosstrek with Eyesight (my first ever Subaru). I've always used reflective sunshades to protect my dash and keep the interior cooler.

Does anyone know of a custom sunshade that will fit around the eyesight. I checked online with WeatherTech and it only mentions one size for the Crosstrek. I checked with my local dealer and they want $75 for the Subaru branded sunshade but the parts tech couldn't tell me how it would fit with the Eyesight module.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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If you use the dealer make sure it's not just "branded" subaru but it's cut for the eyesight. The ones i've seen online say they can't be used (or won't fit) the eyesight equipped cars. I think they usually need the rear view mirror to hold the middle up. You definitely don't want it resting on the lens - and you don't want to accidentally smudge the lenses taking it in/out.
The updated Subaru sunshade for Eyesight is blatantly obvious, as it clearly has the outline to accommodate it. The older design Subaru sunshade has a regular rectangular opening to accommodate the rearview mirror, while the updated Subaru sunshade has the two camera slots for Eyesight vehicles.

I'm surprised your dealership's parts department didn't know this.
I just purchased a sun shade from Amazon made for subaru Eyesight vehicles.
Details: Sunshade part #soa3991800 cost $59.10. It also has the subaru name on the front and it come with a pleather case. It fits just like other sunshades by pulling down the visors. It fits really nice.
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