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I did belong to another forum but quit because of spam and some of the posters were getting to be jerks.
I've working on cars since I was 14 and that was way back in 1966.

Bought my first subaru in 2003 which was a 2000 impreza sport. It was the most reliable vehicle that I've ever owned. Finally sold it in 2013 because I thought that the wife deserved a new car every 10 years and after running it for 3 years without diff oil I was getting concerned. (I bought it with a blown CV boot and thought that the smell was from that). It had 243K on it when I sold it and it still ran good.
I wasn't impressed with the 2013 impreza as it seemed to be just basic transportation. I made a lot of snarky comments to the dealer which I can only assume got back to SOA as soon thereafter, the crosstrek was introduced. Everything I complained about was upgraded. I took delivery in Jan, 2013. It's getting near 100K and so far has been a fairly decent rig. I just changed the OEM front brakes and the throttle body as it mysteriously crapped out but that may have been because the air cleaner boot wasn't installed correctly from the factory and I was sucking dirt for 60K. I hope to gain some insight and add some of my own. Thanks!
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