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So, I was getting bored, and I felt the need to hike somewhere different last week.

I left the Palm Springs area and headed north east towards the Mojave National Monument.

This was the best way to traverse California. We saw 1 Ranger truck through the whole stretch of dirt and broken asphalt roads and did some hiking near the hole in the wall.

There were a few times we had to stop for free roaming cows, and a few time to grab some great scenery shots.


We hit the Nevada border and worked our way up the 15 through Arizona and into Utah.

We of course managed to check out some BLM trails to get away from the summer traffic on the roads.

We had to be sure to visit Zion national Park

By doing this we had to enter and exit the Dixie National Forest multiple times.

And of course we had to go to the amphitheater in Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Bryce Canyon required a couple of days to get in the hiking trails we wanted to hit.

We dropped in to visit Pipe Springs National Monument in AZ, and Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. We had to check out the Petrified Forest State park in Utah.


Overall this was a great outing, and gave me some great ideas for my next trip


We met a bunch of really cool people and a bunch of subie owners out exploring the world as well.


Our cars are meant to be driven, so be sure you take them out and enjoy what is around you.

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Holy miles and adventures! You're making my commute and off-road adventures look like child's play!

Keep it up, though I'm curious which exact road you used to get into Nevada. I've only ever gotten into Nevada through Interstate 15, which is both boring and quite the dangerous road.

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AWD, I was planning on just jetting to Utah, but due to the bridge collapse on highway 10, i could not get to SR177 to get quickly to the 95, so I decided to have some fun. I took the 62 through Yucca valley, Joshua Tree and 29 palms. from there I took sand roads (some of them deep, soft and heavily rutted...I thought I would get stuck a few times) up into wonder valley. At that point I was running into the Sheephole Mountains, so I found my way to Amboy road and took that through Bristol Dry Lake. At Amboy I stopped at Roys Motel for a Route 66 Rootbeer. I was planning to take route 66 through some ghost towns like Cadiz, essex, Danby and more, but every road and trail seemed to be closed, blocked off, or had 2 to 4 foot drops where the water from previous storms had created un passable cliffs.

I back tracked to Kelbaker road, and took that to I40. I did not continue on Kelbaker through the Mojave because I did that a few weeks ago, and the potholes were terrible. I went east 26 miles on I-40 to Essex road, and entered Mojave National Monument at that point. The asphalt was pretty bad and the pot holes could do real damage to the car.

I wanted to visit Mitchell Caverns, but they are now closed due to CA budget issues. I turned NorthEast on Black canyon road which quickly went from bad asphalt to really bad asphalt to dirt. The dirt was easier to drive than the asphalt except for some washes, where I had to shovel ramps into the wash to not tearoff my bumpers.

Black canyon road through the Gold Valley is one of the prettiest dirt roads I have found. Wild cows were wandering and grazing. the ranches were gorgeous. On this stretch, I saw one ranger truck and that was it. This area is called the hole in the wall, and there is a visitors center, that is closed all summer. Great hiking around here, but it was spooky. I felt like I was being watched the whole time. I think the Mountain lion tracks and coyote tracks we saw all over were part of that. Next up was Round Valley with a few more ranches, and then I got on Cedar Canyon road, which narrowed and had some big rocks and some soft sections.

At the Kelso - Cima road intersection, I had a choice to continue on Cedar Canyon (which got much worse and I do not think I had the clearance with the subie)
I got on Keso-Cima road for 2 miles (at this point I saw 2 cars. The road is nicely and freshly paved.

At cima road intersection I had a choice of Cima, Morning Star Mine Road or Brant road which is a pretty beatup and soft dirt road. I was not sure of how much water damage the trail had from recent storms. Brant is where I wanted to go, but my daughter wanted to get somewhere to have a real dinner, so I stuck with Cima road. Halfway down cima is the dirt trail that goes past the kokoweel mine and the mollusk mine and goes over the Striped mountains. This hits the 15 and then you are at Nevada.

That is how you get to Nevada seeing VERY few cars.
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