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Hey guys,

Just got my ICEtrek this week ('23 Premium) and excited to be a part of the community!!

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Got the window rain guards on Amazon. Perfect fit and easy to install!

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I also got the Rockville SS8P which is the reason I am here. Got the sub and amp combo for about $100 bucks on Amazon. Saw that previous Subbies had underseat subs so I figured it would be a cheap experiment to get a little kick on the rather weak stock system. It came with a wiring kit and RCA cables and I thought it shouldn't be that hard to do myself. I soon found out, based on what I'm able to find online, that I would need to hard wire it since this car doesn't come with an RCA output on the head unit. Is this true?

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I've never done anything like this but I went to a car audio shop and they told me it was $150 install. The guy there told me they pull from the rear speaker and it wasn't too hard so that gave me a little confidence to do this myself. It was tough to find information on this so that's why I'm posting here. It's hard to find anything about the back of the head unit and the wiring locations. And being a novice at this, it's a lot of info!! I see things like pulling from the front speakers are better and what not. My car has the Starlink/Telematics module and seems that some people have had problems when they pull from the front speakers. Since I don't want to cut into the factory wires I found a website that sells wiring harnesses that I can cut and use. Also gave me some good info and reassured that telematics issue. I may trust that info and continue, hopefully get some input from someone here.

If you put in vehicle details more info pops up on this site. OEM Jumper Harness for Crosstrek

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They also suggest a load resistor to not mess with the telematics along with a nice diagram of how the wiring configuration should look like. But this would be the front speakers. Since I want to pull from the rear speakers there seems to be another harness. I've yet to pull the head unit out to see what's back there. Heck, there might be RCA behind there! But this diagram and the 6 pin rear speaker harness looked promising so I don't have to mess with the front.

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So I purchased the rear 6 pin wiring harness and hoping to splice into that. And was kinda hoping either the 4 or 5 slot is the remote cable. Here's a picture of my wiring harness to the sub.

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The grey and white cords for the speaker lines, blue for the remote cable, power and ground.

I know this is kinda long, but can anybody help me through this process and guide me from here???

The speakers wires are straight forward to hook up. Obviously if they are hooked up right. I'm considering getting a really basic LOC so then I can just hook up the RCA cables instead. That in my head seems like the right thing to do because I plan on getting better speakers in the future. To my understanding, I need to get an amp for that, so hooking that amp to RCA would be easier. Therefore I think that trends with getting a load resistor and LOC. Since its in the future plans, should I start it off with everything now? These are the speakers I want to tackle later.

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(I'm getting a little ahead of myself but I attached the pdf of the manual on how to install the upgraded OEM speakers and amp. I plan on following that to get my set up close to it.)

I have minimal knowledge about load resistors and LOCs but do I need these for what I'm doing?

Can I wire the sub on the rear wiring harness without a load resistor like the auto shop guy said?

Will I need a LOC and load resistor for the future speakers?? Will I need an amp for those?? And can that come from the rear speaker lines??

So for the time being, the plan right now is to use the 6 pin rear speaker wiring harness. Splice that to the sub wiring harness (No load resistor or LOC). Plug that 6 pin jumper harness to my head unit as sort of a plug and play. And hopefully this works???

Thanks for your time and I hope this thread can help not just me but others. I'm looking back at what I wrote and I feel like I'm a little crazy, but this is starting to get quite intimidating. I'm sure this is amatuer hour for some but I really don't know what to do. Please help!!


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