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Wondering if there's anybody who has done that. And I'm not talking about going down to 15's like a lot of guys do on here for that awesome overlander look, I'm talking more about keeping the car in a stock-like state, but smoothing out the ride a bit.

I mostly bought the limited for the LED lights multi-function display, leather, and power driver's seat. Ordinarily, I do like bigger wheels with slightly less sidewall for improved handling characteristics, but I feel like the car is a bit crashy with the factory 18s. Especially the rear suspension, at least for me. And I personally feel like SUVs/CUVs look dumb with bigger wheels, leave that to the hatchbacks and performance cars.

Probably a combination of less side profile and being that they are quite heavy (total wheel weight +7lbs more per corner vs the Sport) contributes to the crashiness, which I think the Crosstrek really wasn't designed to handle. Seems like the platform is better suited for 17s. My friend has a 2019 outback Limited that he switched to 17s, for similar reasons. Perhaps the bigger outback can handle the 18s better, but he was still looking for more compliance.

Anyways, it's always better to have less unsprung weight. Better gas mileage, better road manners (improved stopping & steering), and a little better acceleration.

I just bought a set of the Crosstrek STI wheels in the 17-in flavor. Found them locally from somebody who works at a Subaru dealership. Apparently a customer changed their mind on the STI package, so the wheels were never installed.

I paid $600 for them and it included the STI center caps valves and TPMS sensors. Thought it was a fantastic deal because I was ready to buy some Sport wheels for around the same money. And since these are far less common, I will have some uniqueness to mine 😎

According to Subaru, the STI wheels are lighter than the stock counterparts in both the 17in and 18in variety. Enkei utilizes MAT processing, which makes the wheel lighter and stronger.

Also part of the goal was to get rid of the stock tires and go with some Michelin cross climate 2s, so buying someone else's Sport wheel take-offs would not have helped. The stock tires are pretty bad, especially in the rain!

A pic of mine (Not yet installed):
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